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    At yOOusers we believe ART it's an effective tool to make a change and we can use it wherever we want to deliver messages in a fun way to make an impact.



    We support the UN Sustainable Development Coals "The SDGs" through art, HOW 🤔

    • Goal 4 (Quality Education) 👉 all our products are supported with a Gamification tools and methods to enhance the academic performance of the users through art by activating both sides of the brain and enhance the users' motor skills for better outcomes and achievements.
    • Goal 5 (Gender Equality) 👉 we don't use the color blue or pink in our products to make sure it's gender neutral and to breakdown the stereotypes that grew with us.
    • Goal 10 (Reduce Inequalities) 👉 our founder in a partnership with "Ya Ounak Initiative" established and created the first instructions in the world for Origami in Braille Method, to support the blind people and to help them creating their own Origami shapes through the inclusion projects and products he developed.
    • Goal 13 (Climate Action) 👉 through yOOusers we are developing projects and programs to support the school and universities' students to recycle and up-cycle their old books and notebooks by providing them with instructions and tools, learn more about "Goal 13 Initiative" here.
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    Art for All

    One of our missions is to unlock the creativity within each individual by providing comprehensive tools and guidance for paper art in an inclusive manner, thereby mitigating inequalities.