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Goal 13 Initiative


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It's not at all about math, but believe me it deserves to make this quick calculation...!

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Let's say we have the scchool that have 12 classrooms from grade 1 to 6 2 classrooms for each grade, in each classroom we have 25 students, each student have 7 books for 7 different subjects per semester.

That means (25 students) * (12 classrooms) = 300 students in the school, let's complete the calculation.

(300 students) * (7 books each) = 2100 books per school, if each book consists from 75 pages = 157,500 flat sheet of A4 pages per school each semester.. YOU KNOW if we up-cycled these pages to create Origami papers (each page could give 2 Origami papers size 14*14 cm/ 4 papers size 7*7 cm/ and 1 strip of paper size 21*1 cm)....

After all of these basic calculations and math we can have from this school:

315,000 sheets of Origami paper size (14*14 cm).

✋ 630,000 sheets of Origami paper size (7*7 cm).

✋ 157,500 strips of paper size (21*1 cm).


That means this school could create more than 1,000,000 (1 million) Origami shapes and designs FOR FREE! by this:

💡 We enhanced the student's skills, such as: motor skills, imagination, concentration, creativity, ...

💡 We support and save our planet and environment by enhancing the knowledge about the importance of the recyclig and up-cycling the materials we have around us, and we decrease the paper waste.

💡 FREE art calsses in schools since now we have the materials (the Origami papers) and we provide free online tutorial videos on How to Paper Art here, by generating QR codes that we provide to the schools where the students and teachers can scan to have access to full free online library full of tutroail videos for paper art "Origami and Quilling".

More details about the initiative to be uploaded soon, you can contact " " for more details and information at the moment, and we will leave you now with pictures for our previous projcet.

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