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 yOOusers offers a lot of kits for paper art (Origami and Quilling) and DIY and Art kits for different ages in different themes and levels to enhance the users' skills and creativity 🟨🟦🟪🟧

All our kits contain all the needed tools, materials and guides to help you creating different artworks and shapes in a fun way, and all yOOusers kits contain Reward Yourself Map to help you measuing your achivements in an easy way 🥳

The price of any yOOusers kit is = 7 JOD (10 USD).

yOOusers Kits 👇

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yOO Origami Themed Kits, available in 5 different themes:

🟪 Zoo 1 (Animal Faces) 🦊🐰🐶🐱

🟪 Zoo 2 (Animals on Land) 🐿🐢🐇🐁

🟪 Clothes 👕👜🧥👖

🟪 Stars ⭐️💥✨💫

🟪 Flowers 🌼🌸🌹🌻

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yOO Art for Jordan Kits, available in 6 different themes:

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yOO DIY and Art Kits:

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All the kits supported with QR Codes for instructions and tutorial videos, to use it easly in a fun way and to enhance the positive usage of technology ✨



For more information about yOOusers, about the kits and to learn more on how to sell the kits, please:

👉 Email us:

👉 Call us: +962 789194942

👉 WhatsApp us: +52 5627171729