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By Laith Abu-Taleb, edited by Ramz Sbeitan


Our focus includes 3 main elements: Visions + Diversity + Sharp Edges! Why?! Because we would like to build a company that is for EVERYONE by offering inclusive products for ALL kinds of people; including people with disabilities, people with different backgrounds, people who can speak Arabic, English or Spanish, people of different ages and more! Whether you are already an artist or a football player, or someone who’s looking for a new hobby or wants to develop their own artistic skills and imagination, ...

We added all of these ideas and elements into a big bowl and we started to mix, to make this yummy colourful, full of joy, square logo to represent yOOusers! (yOO + us = yOOusers) 🟨🟦🟪🟧


Each square represent a side of the vision of yOOusers 👇

Join us on social meida 👉 yOOusers 👈


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